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Michael Salyards
mtka School Board



A well-formed, quality education is the key to preparing each student to achieve future success.  Minnetonka’s standard of academic excellence must be maintained as the school board's highest priority.  I will work tirelessly to preserve the broad range of quality learning opportunities Minnetonka offers today and I will push to continually upgrade our programs to remain competitive, challenging and relevant for tomorrow’s learner. 


Amazing accomplishments begin with strong foundations.  While many districts are cutting budgets and eliminating educational opportunities, Minnetonka continues to make sound financial decisions empowering our district to borrow, invest and innovate.  I will advocate for the necessary discipline and creativity it takes to keep Minnetonka schools financially sound in order to deliver the best academic programs for Minnetonka students.  


Build bridges that connect students with academic excellence.  We want to teach our kids how to think rather than what to think, while encouraging an environment that thrives on respectful  discussion.    We must maintain calm, politically neutral classrooms that embrace world-class academics and common bonds between students.